Infrastructure can be divided into three categories : Development,Manufacturing and Validation.

When we get a request for quote, our engineers sit down on our 3D software and design a 3D model of the product identifying each process distinctively. We also at times use a scanning machine if we have the sample available with us. If the project is a go, we use CNC Machines to develop the prototype and the jigs and fixtures. Our able team assembles the jigs and fixtures and even testing rigs to support our manufacturing facilities.\

Our manufacturing include the following: CNC Turning Centers, Vertical Machining Centers, CNC Milling Machines. This is supplemented with conventional drilling lines, turning lathes, milling machines and grinding machines.

Baynee also has a painting shop, a plating shop and a welding shop comprising of Electrical , Spot and CO2 welding.

Our assembly lines are made keeping in mind the guidelines as prescribed by the customers. We have dust free Air Conditioned Room to take care of assemblies which require close tolerances. Our capabilities are to assemble products to tolerances close as 10 microns.

Our robust manufacturing is supported through online inspection using gauges and measuring instruments, our setups and product inspections are done using a Co-ordinate Measuring Machine.

Once we manufacture a product, regular leakage and delivery tests are routine, what differenciates us from our peers is that we also validate a product prior to dispatch. Our test rigs are capable of doing endurance testing, vibration testing and heat resistance testing in extreme conditions.

We are a print to produce to validate as well as design to produce to validate.