We have a good balance between conventional and CNC production lines. Our plant typically has machining processes such as milling, drilling, turning , assembling of components and special purposes such as painting and welding. We add value with our checks and balances. Our jigs and fixtures are manufactured using CNC machines ,taking care of that extra micron which might be crucial for our products performance.

Validation of a product is an essential part of Baynee Industries. Apart from the usual tests specified by the customer, we also do endurance testing of our products to validate our products performance.

Well, in a synopsis, our processes are as follows: designing of a product using a 3D software, development of the processing jigs and fixtures using CNC machines, producing the product in the most cost efficient way in our machine shop , painting, plating and welding (wherever required), assembling,testing and validating.

Our TS 16949 validates our philosophies and gives the extra layer of trust with our customers.